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Overseas Business
Bring your company to a world of opportunities, participating in globalization and expanding its market share.

ASY Trading's activities in the international business areas are focused on the market segment of interested companies and with the required profile of interest and potential to develop business abroad, as:

• Receive partners and/or investment from abroad, through participation with its own stand at the GB&M from Hanover Messe, in Germany (www.hannovermesse.de => Exhibition => Global Business and Markets), ASY Trading provides access channels for reaching foreign companies interested in investing in Brazil and, likewise, look for the GB&M in order to find business opportunities in our country;

• Open and/or expand external markets to export its products: we enable the realization of market researches, contact with importers, distributors and representatives in USA, Europe and in many countries of Latin America, Africa and Asia, enabling the international sales of products and/or services of our costumers.

• Identify and develop foreign suppliers for product imports: we offer a procurement job to supply the needs concerning imports, distribution and retailing of components, machines, equipment, raw-materials, etc.;

• Consulting for the preparation of companies to export and/or import, including the development of Strategic/Taxation Plans aiming the appropriate exporting fiscal, credit, exchange rate and financial benefits, such as draw back (input export, raw-materials and/or components for the subsequent export of industrializes products) and the ACC (Antecipação de Contratos de Câmbio de Exportação), as well as orientation towards the required procedures and documentation.

International Business Development Program

We identified this opportunity 20 years ago, when the Dutch government's business development agency - the CBI (Centre for the Promotion of Developing Countries) - came to us interested in using our services to develop suppliers of products and services on demand by Dutch companies and investors.

Subsequently, in June 2004, we developed a partnership with the ITC (International Trade Center), an organ resulting from the cooperation between the WTO (World Trade Organization) and the UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development), located in Geneva, Switzerland.

One of the most important stages of the knowledge about international market, investments and joint-ventures, are the worldwide industrial fairs, such as Hanover's, in Germany, where we started our participation in Holland's pavilions, inside the business development programs and suppliers with the Dutch agency. This enables us to develop our own know-how, obtained through this long standing partnership with the CBI - such know-how recently rooted with the fundamentals of the ITC program.

From this knowledge, we began preparing Brazilian companies and entrepreneurs interested in expanding abroad, may it be in investments, foreign capital, technology transference, financing, partnerships and joint-ventures in general, using for such the opportunities offered by the GB&M (Global Business & Markets) ─ www.hannovermesse.de => Exhibition => Global Business and Markets ─, which take place inside the Hanover Fair environment, in Germany, yearly in April.

Our services have three basic steps:

− Brazilian's company preparation to adequate itself to the international business' rules, including its presentation dossier containing the Business Plan, Feasibility Analysis and, whenever necessary, the Company's Evaluation. This preparation begins in the year before the presentation of the Business Plan at the GB&M, which allows it to be designed in detail and adequate to the interests and objectives of companies that use our business consulting services.

Enrollments are open every year, in January.

− The company's presentation in the international market to investors, entrepreneurs and potential business partners, interested in broadening or starting businesses in Brazil using the GB&M platform.

− Business and legal assistance at the contract signing stage for the business - investments, joint-ventures, partnership, distribution, etc. -, such assistance being also extensible after the signing of the deal.

Enrollments are open every year, in January. Enrollments to participate in the International Business Development Plan of 2016 are open; they can be done here or by phone at +1 (305) 744-5080 and e-mail at contact@asytrading.com

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